How to Manage Reusable Blocks in Nexter WordPress Theme?

How to Manage Reusable Blocks in Nexter WordPress Theme?

Table Of Contents

1. Reusable Blocks

The Reusable Blocks is the most crucial part of any block or website, In Gutenberg aka Block Editor, We have provided 100% Freedom to create a standard layout with the help of that.

In the Block, You can create any new post and add it as a custom template, contain, and Shortcode the purpose of reusable.

Step 1 : Go to “Page” from WordPress Dashboard and Press “Add New” to create new page with any Gutenberg aka Block Editor Block.

Step 2 : Then, Press Plus(+) Icon or make Forward Slash (/) and Block Name on Page and put that block in which the reusable block is used.

Step 3 : Then, Press Top right Corner three dots and scroll the page down and click on Manage Reusable blocks option. when the dialogue box opens click on the Leave button.

Step 4 : Then, you can see the Reusable block create menu. press “Add New” button or already have a template JSON file so you can upload using the “Import from JSON” button.

Step 5 : And you can put any Block on the screen for Reusable purposes.

Step 6 : As per step 2, open that block page that you’ve already created. In the block where the reusable block is used, go to the usable option and see the reusable block post in the block.

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