How to get Nexter Child Theme?

How to get Nexter Child Theme?

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1.Child Theme

Child Theme is a development theme which is used to make changes in the original base theme safely. Read This Article from WordPress official theme handbook guides to know more about child themes.

2.Why is that necessary ?

Making changes in any working theme is not advisable.

Primary reason is that it might stop working. Adding custom code can conflict with existing PHP code, JavaScript or CSS. And you might not be able to solve that due to robust architecture & different coding styles of the base theme.

The Second reason is, it’ll vanish. If you’ve added custom code in base theme files & If you update it, new updated files will replace your custom coded files and all your efforts will be gone. And if you are not updating base themes, then you are dealing with high security & compatibility issues as version update is the most crucial requirement for both Themes & Plugins.


If you want to tweak Nexter Theme’s core files for any development purpose, we highly recommend you to use a child theme for that, which we already developed for Nexter Theme users.

If you don’t know how to upload the theme ZIP, follow this article.

And after installing Child Theme, you’re ready to make PHP, JavaScript or CSS changes in the base theme by copying and overriding the base theme’s code.


Nexter Child Theme is totally compatible with the main Nexter Theme or any page builder you are using.

But if you want to get constant updates from Nexter, it’s your responsibility to update the overridden files in the child theme. For example, if you’re overriding footer.php, make sure you update the child theme’s footer.php as well.

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