Nexter Builder Special Conditions

Nexter Builder Special Conditions

Requirement for this portion is Nexter Extension Plugin. Please make sure that you’ve installed Nexter Extension Plugin after installing Nexter WordPress Theme. Even for Pro Version of Nexter Extension Plugin, Free Version is necessary. This document will guide you in managing templates with Nexter Extension Plugin.

To verify installation of proper plugin, check for the Nexter Builder post type in your WordPress dashboard.

Special Conditions

Special Conditions are included in Pro version only.

Date & Time

Date & Time includes Day of Week selection, which will help you on which days you want to enable this section.

Visitors Source

Visitors Source includes Operating System, Browser, Login Status & User Roles selection to choose from, which will enable other options accordingly.

Operating System

Here’s the option list for OS detection

  • iPhone

  • Windows

  • OpenBSD

  • SunOS

  • Linux

  • Safari

  • Mac OS

  • QNX

  • BeOS

  • OS/2

  • Search Bot


Here’s the option list for Web Browser detection

  • Internet Explorer

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Google Chrome

  • Opera Mini

  • Opera

  • Safari

Login Status

Options for Login Status are Logged In & Logged Out

User Roles

Options for User Roles are Default roles provided by WordPress & Shop Manager for WooCommerce

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