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Column is a essential for the grid layout in HTML. In this document extra options for the column like mouse pointer, width and custom CSS for this particular column can be managed from here.

How to use the Column – Extras of The Plus Addons For Elementor

Table Of Contents

General Steps

Column extras can be found at edit column icon. Edit column has a fix position at top left corner of each column and right click of mouse will open the drop down and you’ll have the first option displayed Edit Column.

Then Go to Advanced Tab in Edit Column Section and you’ll find Plus Extras which is basically Advanced options for column. If you still have problem to find them out, check out the video below to hunt it down.

Plus Extras

Mouse Cursor Pointer

If you want to have a customised mouse cursor pointer for that column, enable this option.

Mouse Cursor Style

Select the customisation option for cursor pointer from this drop down.

Cursor Icon

Drop an icon / image to have customised cursor pointer.

Follow Image

Follow image will be stuck with the pointer, will follow the pointer for that particular column.

Follow Text

Same as the image but instead of image, there will be some text which would follow the pointer.

Icon Max Width

Set the Follow Image’s maximum width from here.

Cursor Left Offset

How far in the left you want to keep image / text from the cursor.

Cursor Top Offset

How far from the top you want to keep image / text to the cursor.

Mouse Cursor Click

How far from the top you want to keep image / text to the cursor.

This is a sample image demonstration


By default, there will be one sample playlist created for you. You can either add a new one or duplicate the existing one and start adding your content. Use the Add Item button to add a new playlist. Click this + icon on the playlist to duplicate it.

Song Title

Add the title of your song here.

Song Author

Add the author/singer of your song here.


Set how are you going to upload your media files(songs). You get two options to select from.

Self Hosted
Upload the media files on your own server (i.e. uploading to your WordPress Media Library).  After you select the Self Hosted option, you will see the File Upload option. Click on it to add all your songs.

Add an external URL to your hosted song or playlist such as Soundcloud. You will see an option to add a custom URL after you select the External option.

Song Image

Set your playlist image here by clicking the + icon.

Common Setting

Image Size

Set your preferred image size from the dropdown. You can also add custom dimensions for your image.

This is a sample image demonstration

Split Text

Add a split text between Song Title and Song Author. For eg: Girls Like Your by Maroon5

Max Width

Set the max-width of your Audio Player widget. Click the icon to set different widths for desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Default Volume

Set a default volume for your Audio Player widget by using the slider.


Set the position of your Switcher button. By clicking the alignment icons, you can set it to Left, Right or Center.

2. Style

The Style tab is used for customizing the look of all the Audio Player widget components such as Song Title, Song Author, Split Text, Control, Tracker, Playlist, and Player Background.

All these styling options include customizing the fonts, colors, background, margins, and padding which are common across all the widgets. So, we have created a single detailed article explaining these Styling Options.

View On Scroll View Animation Tutorial

3. Advanced

Advanced Options are a common option for almost all widgets. So, we have written a detailed tutorial on how to use these options.

View On Advanced Tab Tutorial

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