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You will be able to switch any Elementor widgets on and off. You can use this feature based on multiple conditions and logics to hide or unhide any widget.

You can add certain features for people who have logged in or have a premium account. Also, you can add the hide/unhide login form.

Pro tip
Why not enable or disable a particular widget on multiple conditions using this widget. You just need to enable the Display Rules Settings of that particular element or plugin to hide the plugin. Also set rules for the same. Make sure to set the rules and conditions properly to avoid any glitches.

How to use the Conditional Rules for Elementor Widget of The Plus Addons For Elementor

The Conditional Rules for Elementor is used to Enable/Disable any of the Elementor widgets based on multiple conditions and logics.

Table Of Contents

General Steps

You don’t need to add a widget separately to use this feature. You just need to select the widget you want to set conditional rules for and then Open the Advanced Tab then scroll down to the Plus Extra: Display Rules and enable the Display Rules settings as shown in the video below. (we have selected the Heading widget for the demo, you can use it similarly for all other widgets.)

How to use Conditional Rules for different widgets.

Once you have enabled the Display Rules then you will see more options as listed below. You can use these settings to set rules for the selected widget. For example, you can display a particular widget to logged in users and disallow users who have not logged in to view the same widget. We have given a demo in the video below for how you can only show a particular heading for users who have logged in. For the full demo check out the official video of Conditional Rules on Youtube, we have provided the link at the start of the article. Once you have set the rules and other settings update the page and you’re done.

We have listed the other settings and options you’ll get Conditional Rules.

Plus Extras: Display Rules

Display Rules

Slide to enable Display Rules on a particular element/widget.

HTML Rendering

If enabled, It will render HTML on front end and Section will be hidden by using Display;None CSS. If disabled, HTML content will not load.

Display When

You will get two options here:
1. All Rules are true
2. Any One Rule is true


Expand and edit conditional rules for the selected element/widget. Also you can add more rules with the + Add Item option as shown below.

Add/Edit rules for Conditional Rules

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