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You can use this feature to track all Facebook pixel and google analytics conversion events like clicks, views, bounce rate, etc. for your WordPress website.

You will be able to track each tag’s click events and submits button events for form builder widgets. This will help you to track what your users are doing on your website and you can make changes for better conversion.

Pro tip
Why not track your FB and Google events conversions using this widget. Make sure to enter the correct API key from Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics and paste in in Plus settings.

How to use the Conversion Event Tracker for Elementor
Widget of The Plus Addons For Elementor

The Conversion Event Tracker for Elementor widget is compatible with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel using which you can use to track the conversions of your website or a button/link.

Table Of Contents

General Steps

You don’t need to add a widget separately to use this feature. First, you need to copy the Google and Facebook API to the Plus Setting so that you can track your conversion. To copy the APIs to plus Setting just follow the video given below. Make sure you have the APIs before you start with this video. Also, make sure you save the setting after adding the APIs.

How to add Google analytics and Facebook Pixel APIs to buttons start the tracking.

Suppose you need to track a button then you need to go to the advanced settings in the Elementor, and then enable the Google and Facebook tracker and also add the API so that you can start tracking that particular button. Follow the steps given below and start tracking.

Once you have enabled the Google and Facebook setting you will be able to see the tracking settings of that button in the Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel dashboard. You can see the screenshot below, also we have explained all the settings you will get.

Plus Extras: Event Tracker

Facebook Pixel

Slide to enable Facebook Pixel tracking on a particular element.

Event Type

Select what event you are tracking with the selected element.

Google Analytics

Slide to enable Google Analytics tracking on a particular element.

Event Name

Enter the Event Name here for Google Analytics. i.e Sports

Event Category

Enter the Event Category here for Google Analytics. i.e Football

Event Label

Enter the Event Label here for Google Analytics. i.e Barcelona

FB & Google Event Tracker Settings

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