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Flipbox is a widget using which you can show your content in a flip style format. It is very similar to an Info Box widget. The difference amongst them is just that Flipbox flips your content on hover. In Flipbox, content can be placed in both front and back side of the box.

Pro tip
Why not showcase your own content using this widget. Showcase your services and content beautifully on your website with ease. Make sure to make proper use of the Flipbox widget to increase engagement.

How to use the Flipbox widget of The Plus Addons For Elementor

The Flipbox widget comes with two different layouts i.e. Listing and Carousel. Let’s understand how to use this widget in the tutorial below. 

Table Of Contents

General Steps

Search for the Flipbox Widget from the Elementor screen in the left and then drag and drop it into the content building area. After dropping the element, you will see three tabs i.e. Content, Style, and Advanced related to this widget. First, click on the Content tab.

1. Content


Select the Layout in Flipbox widget.

Select Layout

Select the Layout of the Flipbox. You can select between Listing and Carousel.

Flip Type

Select the Flip type alignment here. It can be Horizontal or Vertical.

Box Height

Specify the Box height here. Use the slider to set your height.

Front Side 

Front Options.


Set the Title for the Front Side here.

Select Icon 

You can select Icon or Custom Icon Image using this option.

Icon Font

Select the Icon Font here. You can select FontAwesome or Iconsmind.

Icon Library

Select the icon from the Icon Library.

Back Side

Add your content to display on the back side of the box.


Enter Description for the back side here.

2. Style

The Style tab is used for customizing the appearance of all the Animated Service Boxes widget components. Let’s understand each of these customization options. 

Front Title

Set the Typography, Title Color, Color, Title top space, and Title bottom space for the for the Front Title here. 

Back Description

Set the Typography and Color for the Description here. 

Background Options

Set and enable the Box Border, Border Radius, Background Type, Overlay Background Color, and Box Shadow options here.

Extra Options

Set the Box Padding, Box Hover effects and Responsive Visibility here. 

On Scroll View Animation

On Scroll View Animation Options are used to set beautiful animations to your sections. They are a common option for almost all the widgets. So, we have written a detailed tutorial explaining how to use these options.

View On Scroll View Animation Tutorial

3. Advanced

Advanced Tab Options are common across all the widgets. So, we have written a detailed tutorial explaining how to use these options

View The Advanced Tab Tutorial

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