How to share wp-admin access with support team?

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Hopefully, You have tried all possible options and have a look at our documentation but nothing worked as you wanted. In that case, We would love to help you further on the issue. Please have a look at below methods to share your wp-admin access with us.

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How can you share your Wp-admin access with us?

Method 1 (Recommended)

You may use temporary login without password plugin In this method, to share your access using just one link with an expiry time. It will ask you for an email address, Which you can put any email address. We just need that URL, Which will let us login as an administrator.

Access Level Required : Administrator
Link Expiry Duration : 7 Days for Typical issues (You may choose less time, If you want to.)

Method 2

Please share 3 things to give us access,
1. Website’s Admin URL, 2. Wp-admin Username and 3. Wp-admin’s Password.

Create new user in WordPress and share that new credentials with us. You can use any email address in that process as you need not to add our email address there.

Important Note : You must delete the user after we resolve your ticket and close the ticket.

Which permission is required from your end?

Always share administrator level access as We might need to update any files of our plugin, enable/disable plugins/themes, and other advanced technical stuff.

Permission to enable/disable any plugin or theme to troubleshoot if required. We might need to install a few safe and popular plugins(Which will be installed directly from such as file manager, debug manager to get error log or troubleshoot in depth.

If you want us not to touch any of your plugins or theme or current settings, Add that in a note while submitting a ticket.

Precautions to take before sharing your access.

Make sure, You have staging website for us to take a look at. If you want us to work on live website, Make sure you have backup ready of your website.

Your website will be accessed only by our experienced technical support team with extra care but for a safer side, It would be great If you keep backup of files and database before sharing wp-admin access with us.

You can use for that purpose. (Extra Suggestion : it’s always better to have your auto monthly/weekly backup enabled on your website. You can do that using UpdraftPlus Plugin. Which is completely free.)

We use a completely secured helpdesk environment and All your credentials and project information will be kept secure and confidential. Still, Once you see all things are resolved and ticket is close, Delete User/link of access.

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