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The Magazine Post Styles widget lets you create Magazine Post Styles Listings. You just need to add the content and set the style then you’re done. Our Element’s options give full justice to all needs related to it.

You can create amazing Magazine Post Styles layouts with lots of listing, customization, and styling options using this widget for WordPress using Elementor.

Pro tip
Create any custom post type listings into the magazine like a carousel. In which you can choose from multiple design layouts of the carousel.

How to use the Magazine Post Styles Widget of The Plus Addons For Elementor

The Magazine Post Styles widget comes with 9 different styles and a plethora of customization options using which you can create stylish looking players for your websites.

Table Of Contents

General Steps

Search for the Magazine Post Styles element from the Elementor screen in the left and then drag and drop it into the content building area. After dropping the element, you will see three tabs i.e. Content, Style, and Advanced related to the Magazine Post Styles widget. First, click on the Content tab.

1. Content

Select style for the Magazine post Style widget

Content Layout


Select your preferred style for the Magazine style post from the dropdown.

Magazine Layout Style

Magazine Layout

Select your preferred Magazine Layout from here.


Select your preferred layout for the magazine-style post here.

Post Type

Select your preferred post type here.

Layout 1
Layout 2

Content Source

Select Category

Select Category for the posts here.

Include Post(s)

Add posts you want to include. Separate them by a comma.

Exclude Post(s)

Add posts you want to exclude. Separate them by a comma.

Select Tags

Set the tags for the posts here.

Maximum Posts Display

Set the Maximum Posts you want to be displayed.

Offset Posts

Hide posts from the beginning of listing.

Order By

Set in which order the posts will be displayed.


Set the order either descending or ascending.

Post Ticker

Enable and set the post ticker for the Magazine post Style widget

Post Ticker

Slide to enable the post ticker.

Extra Options

Enable Display Category Post for the Magazine post Style widget

Title Tag

Set the tag for the title here.

Display Category Post

Slide to enable Display Category Post.

Title Word Limit

Set the Title Word Limit here.

Title & Description Word Break

Set the Title & Description Word Break here.

Display Excerpt/Content

Slide to display Excerpt/Content.

Display Image Size

Slide to display Image Size.

Display Post Meta

Slide to display Post meta .

2. Style

The Style tab is used for customizing the appearance of all the Tabs & Tours widget components. All these styling options include customizing the fonts, colors, background, margins, and padding which are common across all the widgets. So, we have created a single detailed article explaining these Styling Options.

View Style Tab Tutorial


Set the Typography, Title Color, and Text Shadow.

Post Meta Tag

Set the Normal Post Typography, Post Meta Color, and Text Shadow.

Box Loop Style

Set the Outer padding, Inner Padding, Color, CSS Filters, Box Border, and Box-shadow for post not found.

Carousel Options

Enter and set the Unique Carousel ID, Slider Mode, Slide Speed, Desktop Columns, Slide Padding, Draggable, Infinite Mode, Autoplay, Show Dots, and Center Mode here.

Post Not Found Options

Set the padding, Typography, Color, Background type, Border, and Box-shadow for post not found.

On Scroll View Animation

On Scroll View Animation Options are used to set beautiful animations to your sections. They are a common option for almost all the widgets. So, we have written a detailed tutorial explaining how to use these options.

View On Scroll View Animation Tutorial

3. Advanced

Advanced Tab Options are common across all the widgets. So, we have written a detailed tutorial explaining how to use these options

View The Advanced Tab Tutorial

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