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If you want to give a wonderful look to the image of your site or article or any template, we have created a well-designed widget for it. This will also help in your single post or page on your website.

Pro tip
Why not add this widget to your website/product? Because this widget will make the images of your website/article/template better with the custom style option.

How to use the Post Featured Image Widget of The Plus Addons For Elementor

The Post Featured Image widget comes with two different types of display Image and with the styling options, you can create a pleasant-looking layout for your websites.

General Steps

Search for the Post Featured Image element from the Elementor screen in the left and then drag and drop it into the content building area. After dropping the element, you will see three tabs i.e. Content, Style, and Advanced related to the Post Featured Image widget. First, click on the Content tab.

1. Content

Post Featured Image

Select Display Image Type

The Post Featured Image widget first step is you can choose one display image type out of two from the drop-down menu.

1. Standard Image

With this option first, you can see the default size of the image, then you can use the Image Size menu and change the default size of the image. In this type, you will see the content outside the image.

Credit : Gutenberg, WordPress

Select Image Size

We have given the five types of image size for the image. Select your desired type for the image. You can watch this video to know more about it. The types we provided are:


Medium Large

Maximum Width

With this option, you can set the Maximum Width of the image here.


Set the image alignment for the standard image type here.

2. As a Background

With this option, You can see the image in the background and the content can be seen above the background image.

Location 1: Section

Set the Featured Image In the Section here.

Credit : Gutenberg, WordPress

Location 2: Inner Section

Set the Featured Image In the Inner Section here.

Location 3: Column

Set the Featured Image In the Column here.

2. Style

The Style tab is used to customize all the Post Featured Image widget components such as Standard and Background Image Style.

Standard Image Style

Set Border, Border Radius and Box Shadow for the Standard Image here.

Background Image Style

Set Background Position, Background Attachment, Background Repeat, Background Size, Overlay Color, Transition, and Transform for the Background Image here.

3. Advanced

Advanced Tab Options are common across all the widgets. So, we have written a detailed tutorial explaining how to use these options

View The Advanced Tab Tutorial

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