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Most Common Issues and It’s solutions for The Plus Addons for Elementor:

Issue 1 : Elementor Panel in the editor is freezed and showing spinning circle.

Popular Solution: Make sure your memory limit is set to 768M or higher, If you have multiple elementor addons installed and you are having issue of elementor panel-loading icon and freeze.

– Does this is issue of The Plus Addons?
No. This is not any one’s bug/issue. It’s just because, If you want to use more widgets, Your server need more memory limit to use everything in your backend.

Alternative Solution: My Hosting Provider doesn’t allow higher memory limit, What to do?
If that is the case, You just need to disable all unused widgets from The Plus Addons and all other elementor addons you have installed. Which will reduce need of required memory limit as total number of active widgets will go down.

Temporary Solution: Any geeky trick available?
Yes. You can disable that from inspect element as well. You need to disable that spinning wheel by disabling/deleting below class.

Issue 2: Everything is messed up in Backend. Or Everything looks perfectly fine in Backend but having issues on frontend.

Make sure you have removed cache from The Plus Settings -> Performance -> Purge all Cache. Also, Remove cache from all your 3rd party cache plugins. On top of that, Remove your browser cache by hard reload and/or test your site on incognito mode.

Issue 3: Your Font Awesome Icons are not visible?

You need to turn on compatibility for font awesome 4 from Elementor -> Extra Settings.

Issue 4: My Backend Speed is down after installation of The Plus Addons.

We do not have any extra files to load, which reduce your backend performance. But, If you are having issue with loading in elementor panel with more delay, That means You need to increase your memory limit. If you can not increase memory limit, You need to disable all unused widgets from The Plus Settings ->Plus Widget as well as from all other Addon plugins you have installed on your website.

Issue 5: My Frontend website loading Speed is down after installation of The Plus Addons.

We have most advanced caching architecture, Which will never bloat your site. Know more about our caching architecture. We have some tricks and suggestion to improve frontend performance. Have a look at here

Other options to Troubleshoot Issues :

1. Make sure you are running the latest version of Elementor, Elementor Pro, The Plus Addons for Elementor Free, The Plus Addons for Elementor Pro and WordPress.

2. Search Our Documentation, Youtube Channel or Facebook Community for answers to your questions.

3. Try to deactivate all plugins(except The Plus Addons for elementor and Elementor Page Builder) and see if a problem is resolved or not. Then, Enabled another one by one to find the culprit.

4. Try to change your WordPress theme and see if the problem is resolved or not.

If above doesn’t help, Feel free to reach us using our helpdesk.

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