The Plus Addons Advanced Caching Configuration : Things you should know.

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Advanced Caching Architecture for Best Frontend Performance

We load nothing on the frontend, If you will not use any widgets from The Plus Addons on your website, Thanks to our Advanced Caching Architecture

We generate one CSS and one JS file (Just 2 requests per page) (Cache file Location : “SiteURL/wp-content/uploads/theplus-addons/”), For all the widgets you have used on that page from The Plus AddOns for Elementor. For example, If you have used 5 widgets on one page, Our advanced algorithm will Combine, Minify, and Compress their CSS & JS files in Separate One file. Which will make the whole process super efficient and bloat free. Isn’t that amazing? We love this feature, It helps lots of people to build super fast websites with advanced/complex layouts with elementor page builder.

One minor drawback to this is, You need to remove cache frequently during the development process, If you are having other 3rd party caching activated. That you can easily do from WordPress Admin Bar and/or The Plus Settings -> Performance -> Purge All Cache. But, It will give you immense speed when you go live.

Modular Approach for Backend Editor Speed

As you can see, Your frontend optimization is already covered in our “Advanced Caching Architecture”, We have one more thing for best performance in your elementor editor.

You need to go to The Plus Settings -> Plus Widgets and Enable/Disable widgets based on your needs. If you disable a few of them and press the Save button, It will regenerate elementor editor’s file and keep all CSS/JS required for active widgets only. That will increase your speed in the elementor editor and decrease the need of higher memory limit. If you are using multiple elementor addons, You might need a memory limit of server up to 768M but, If you disable all unused widgets, that requirement drops to 256M or 512M.

Settings to Save your extra assets Loading

You can enable/disable some features based on your requirements. Such as Iconsmind Fonts Loading, Google Map JS and so on.

You may go to The Plus Settings -> Plus Extras, You can disable all extra assets we load on your site for those features. If you do not want to use those features and make your website even lighter, These options are absolutely for you.

Above options will help you to achieve the highest performance possible using Elementor and The Plus Addons. We always care for performance and It’s part of our main objectives behind The Plus Addons. We are always looking forward to your comments on that as well for improvements. Feel free to reach us if you have any suggestions on that as well.
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