Twitter Access Token Generation

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Twitter access token generation is quite a bit tricky. First you need to apply for a Twitter Developer account. Twitter will ask you to fill the application for the developer account and then in 24 hours you’ll hear from them.

If your application form has some critical answers, Twitter will continue asking more questions regarding your usage of the Twitter developer account.

Step 1 : Creation of App

Click on the Note provided in the widget edit area or follow This Link. This will lead you to the user token generation for Twitter. Platform will ask you for your Twitter Developer account as soon as you try to get in. Go for it, Apply for a developer account there. If you have one already, login into it.

After logging in, In Dashboard you can see Apps & Projects. Click on Add App button to create a new one.

Then you’ll be displayed two choices, Add an Existing App or Creating a new App. We will suggest that you Create a New One. Reason being easy data & access management for each app individually. Click on Create App.

Add an appropriate name for your app & hit Next.

Step 2 : API Key Generation

You’ll be having your API Key & API Secret Key over there. Make sure you copy them in a safe place because you won’t get them one more time. If you lost any of those keys, you need to regenerate them and replace them at every place where you previously used them.

After copying your API keys, click on the App Settings button at the bottom. It’ll take you to your App Dashboard where you can manage your App’s basic settings and Re-generate or revoke keys. Go to Keys & Tokens to generate Access Token & Secret.

You’ll see the Generate button besides Access Token & Secret pallet if you haven’t generated them before.

Click on the Generate button and your Access Token & Secret will be ready to use. Make sure you copy them in a safe place as well.

That’s it. Your necessary things to display Twitter Feed on your website are ready. Make sure you put each key in a suitable place by not getting confused with names.

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