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Global options are the options list in which some all time favourite animation and special effects are added to be used by the related widgets across the whole web site. We have added some options like animation, tilt, tooltip, parallax and much more to be used for widgets on which they can be applied.

Pro tip
Why don’t you apply some black magic named animation on some widgets and make user obsessed with you site !

How to use the Global Options of The Plus Addons For Elementor

Table Of Contents

General Steps

Global options are placed in Advanced Tab in each widget which can have some special kind of treatment of animation and special effects kind of things. Enable each of them one by one and choose the option you like.

Magic Scroll

Magic Scroll is an animation library which allows to have scrolling animation for the content / visuals on scroll. Enable this option to have scrolling animation and set options accordingly.

Scroll Options

Set the Initial / Final position of scrollable content and have magic scroll effect on it.

(X) / Horizontal Distance

Set the horizontal distance from the left edge for content.

(Y) / Vertical Distance

Set the vertical distance from the top edge for content.


Set the opacity or transparency value for content from here.

Scale Value

Set the zoom scale for content from here.

Rotate Value

Set the rotate angle for content from here.


A help text to show on icon hover.A help text to show on icon hover.

Content Type

Help text content.A help text to show on icon hover.


Alignment of text into left, centre or right direction.


Assign size, weight, spacing and much more to fonts.

Text Color

A color picker to assign suitable color to the help text.


make tool-tip interactive.


Set tool-tip box around the icon anywhere by selecting here.


A font & background color mixture for tool-tip theme.


Tool-tip width.

Offset & Distance

Set the tool-tip’s position by combining these two parameters.


Want arrow pointing to the target or not.


Want tool-tip on hover or on click.


Select animation type for tool-tip.

Duration In

Select amount of time from blank to tool-tip animation. Tool-tip will be Visible.

Duration Out

Select amount of time from tool-tip to blank animation. Tool-tip will be Hidden.

Arrow Color

A color picker to assign suitable color to the arrow.

Tool-tip Padding

Put-in some inner space to an element.


Draw a border around the tool-tip and give width and color to it.

Border Radius

Set the radius curve of the tool-tip’s corner.


Apply suitable background like color/ gradient to the tool-tip.

Box Shadow

Give Box/Text/Drop shadow effect and color to the tool-tip.A help text to show on icon hover.

Mouse Move Parallax

Move Parallax (X)

Content will be animated from left to right on mouse move.

Move Parallax (Y)

Image will be animated from up to down on mouse move.

Overlay Special Effect

Content will be covered with curtain kind of color overlay and will be revealed on scroll.


A color picker to assign suitable color to the overlay curtain.

Continuous Animation

Animation Effect

Select your choice of animation for icon here.

Hover Animation

Select if you want to have animation on hover or not.

Duration Time

Reputation of animation duration time selection is here.

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