Vimeo Access Token Generation

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Vimeo is a video hosting and streaming platform. Access Token Generation is the process by which your application gains the ability to access Vimeo data and resources through the API. There are several ways that you can go about this, depending on the type of data that your app needs to access and the particular conditions under which you’re accessing it. You’ll learn about generating Access Token in this document.

Step 1 : App Creation

Click on the Note provided in the widget edit area or follow This Link. This will lead you to the app creation platform provided by Vimeo. Platform will ask you for your account as soon as you try to get in. Go for it, provide your details there. If you have one already, login into it.

Then hit on the New App Button.

Fill in the details about your App. And click on the Create App button.

After App creation, you’ll be redirected to your app’s information page.

Step 2 : Access Token Generation

Scroll down to the Authentication part and find Generate an Access Token.

Hit on Authenticated (You) & then Generate.

Copy that Access Token from there & paste it in the Social Feed widget edit area under the label Access Token.

Now you’ll be able to display any kind of vimeo feed from vimeo platform.

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