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You can change each and every detail of the plugin to your own or your clients using this widget. You will get various personalization options for any of your client projects.

You can change details like the plugin name, version, developer name, and developer game with this feature. This will add a personal touch to every website you make.

Pro tip
Why not change each and every details of plugin to your own or your client’s. Adding custom details to the plugin will look much more professional and genuine. Make sure to enter the correct details while editing.

How to use the White Label for Elementor Widget of The Plus Addons For Elementor

The White Label for Elementor is used to add a link any of the Elementor widgets, section or column using this feature.

Table Of Contents

General Steps

You can use this feature to completely customize the details of the plugin. First, make sure your plugin is activated in the WordPress plugin section as shown in the video below.

Then you just need to open the Plus Settings and open the White Label section enter all the customized details you want to add for the plugin and click on save as shown in the video below.

We have listed the about the details you can customize with this white label feature.

Plus Extras: White Label

Plugin Name

Enter the new Plugin name you want to be displayed.

Plugin Description

Enter the new Plugin description you want to be displayed.

Developer Name

Enter the new developer name you want to be displayed.

Website URL

Enter the new URL you want to be displayed.


Select the new Icon you want to be displayed.

white label details options

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