Your Front-end Page does not look like it’s back-end?

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Your Frontend Page does not look like it’s back-end?

The Plus Addons uses strong caching architecture to load your components much faster. So clearing cache is mandatory on every activity which might needed to be loaded from scratch.

The common problem we encountered from user was that they enabled and added some widget for the first time, placed & configured it and on checking front end, it looks messy. Here’s the thing. If you don’t clear cache then old CSS & JS files will be loaded for front end and without newly generated styles, it’ll look messy.

Make sure you have removed cache from The Plus Settings -> Performance -> Purge all Cache. Also, Remove cache from all your 3rd party cache plugins. On top of that, Remove your browser cache by hard reload and/or test your site on incognito mode.

Other than that if you are using any kind of caching plugin, server caching or CDN, then we would suggest you to remove cache from there too.

Purge All Cache
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