YouTube Access Token Generation

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YouTube is a well-known video hosting and streaming platform. Access Token Generation is the process by which your application gains the ability to access your YouTube data and resources through the API.

Step 1 : Project Creation

Click on the Note provided in the widget edit area or follow This Link. This will lead you to the Google Cloud Platform. Platform will ask you for your google account as soon as you try to get in. Go for it, provide your details there. If you have one already, login into it.

Then select your country & click on Agree and Continue.

There are chances that you already have created some apps for any other purposes, but we will suggest you to Create a New Separate App in order to maintain integrity of data & data permissions for different purposes.

Find the Create Project button in top menu bar & click on it.

Provide appropriate details about your app & hit the Create Project button. Keep in mind that you have a limited number of project creation spaces. So make sure you delete unnecessary projects from there & use space wisely.

After Project creation, selecting your project will redirect to your Project Dashboard which will help you monitor many things in Google Cloud Platform.

Step 2 : Token Generation

Now as you’ve created a project, it’s time to generate credentials for your YouTube Feed.

Go to APIs & Services > Credentials for Access Token Generation for YouTube.

It’ll look like this.

Then click on Create Credentials on the top & go to the API Key. It’ll create an API Key for this project.

Step 3 : Key Restriction

Concept of a restricted key is to stop the unauthorized use by some other project or service. Click on Restrict Key.

You can choose Restriction levels by your means. We will suggest you at least enable API restrictions. Go and Find YouTube Data V3 in API dropdown & save it.

If you can’t find an API by this name, go to the cloud platform search box & type YouTube Data API. Find this title, click on it and Enable it from it’s dashboard page.

Now come back to that dropdown of API selection & you‘ll find it in the list.

Now you can use that API key for Social Feed display.

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