Advanced Options

Advanced Options

Advanced options are added in last tab of every widget. Advanced tab contains some common CSS options which are going to used for that particular widget.

Each block is wrapped with it’s own unique block ID class. CSS generated from here will target that class so you can apply basis CSS for that block. Let’s check them out in detail :


Spacing have two different types in CSS. One is margin and another one is padding. We have provided these two options in a spacing section using dimension component which you can checkout in general styling article for The Plus Addons for Gutenberg. It’ll apply margin and padding to the whole widget according to your input.


Background property is used to set background for any element. Tabs for Normal & Hover contains background options which we provided with color & gradient selection for any layout. You can refer this component here in general styling article for The Plus Addons for Gutenberg.


Border is an essential CSS property which is used widely styling any component not just in CSS, in any kind of design things. We have proved full border package in our border styling element. Selection of border here will wrap whole widget in it. You can checkout more here in general styling article for The Plus Addons for Gutenberg.


X & Y or we can say horizontal & vertical positions can be set using margin & padding. But if you want to have some Z-index or 3rd dimension positioning, here is the input. You can set Z-index value using this range slider here.


Responsive option contains display conditions for different screen whether to show widget in particular display or not. We have used global stranded screens – Desktop, Tablet & Mobile. You can change Show/ Hide for particular screen from here and it’ll change accordingly.

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