How to Import Data using Live Copy?

How to Import Data using Live Copy?

1. You need to go to our website and find a COPY button.

Live Copy

2. Press the “Copy” Button

3. Go to your Gutenberg editor and right click on the section area. (Note : If you can not see anything, Make sure, Your browser doesn’t have any issue. Which you can find from the below FAQs. Also Make sure, Which block you are trying to copy is enabled from The Plus Settings -> PlusBlock.)

5. Press “Plus Paste” to replicate that section on your Gutenberg area.

Template Based Copy Paste Section

Some of our sections and blocks have Gutenberg templates used. Such as Carousel Anything, Tabs & Tours and So on. In that case, You need to follow the above method as well as You need to create a template and manually connect that with the block.

1. You need to follow the above steps and Make sure, Your first section is copied. When you copy that, You will see there will be any block without any content. When you click on that, You will see there are options to choose Template in Content.

2. You need to go to WordPress Dashboard -> Templates and Create New Template.

3. Follow the Above steps once again to copy the content of the Template. You will see the ORANGE Copy Button, which is for the template’s content area.

ORANGE Copy Button

4. Now, You need to Save this template. Select that template inside the block. (Note : If you can not see the template in the list, Refresh your editor so It fetches a new template).

Special Note
You will see ORANGE Copy Button, That shows It’s part of template. Many of our blocks have templates in the settings, Such as Tabs & Tours, Anything Carousel, and so on. In those layouts, You need to create template from Gutenberg -> Templates -> Add New. You need to press “Plus Paste” in that template. Now, You need to select that template in your appropriate block.


First of all check in your inspect element’s console. Are you getting error of “Cross Origin”? If yes, You need to install extension. Allow Cors Access Control
You need to go to the admin bar (Admin Bar -> Develop -> Disable Cross-Origin Restrictions (Check Mark)) this option. Check the Attached Screenshot Below.

Yes. It can copy and paste content from local host. You just need to make sure, That’s on the Same Browser.
No. As, This Feature is based on local storage, Which is based on your browser storage. So, You have to use same browser for the whole process of replicating sections, columns or blocks.
For this feature you have to enable “Live Copy” button on Section(Row)
No. You can not copy the whole Template with one click. On Live Copy Feature, You have the option to copy just one section at one time. You may copy all sections of the template one by one and combine them all on one page. Or You can use the traditional method of Plus Design based on JSON files. That you can find from The Plus Settings -> Plus Design.
When you hover on those blocks, You will get one more “Copy” icon inside the template area. You need to copy that content and put that in one “New Template”. And Save that New Template with the Name you want. Once you have that new template created, You can select that in blocks like Anything Carousel, Tabs & Tours, Switcher, and so on.
Yes. Indeed. It will copy and paste your media files to the new website and change the URL in copied code as well. So, It will be completely ready to use with new content.
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