Steps to Follow Before Submitting a Support Ticket

Steps to Follow Before Submitting a Support Ticket

Simple steps like the below will help you resolve your issues on your own and instantly. You can check all steps to troubleshoot your issue. If that doesn’t help, You may submit a ticket on a helpdesk.

  • 1. Make sure you are running the latest version of Gutenberg, The Plus Addons for Gutenberg and the latest version of WordPress.

  • 2. Search Our Documentation, Youtube Channel or Facebook Community for answers of your questions.

  • 3. Try to deactivate all plugins(except The Plus Addons for Gutenberg) and see if problem is resolved or not.

  • 4. Try to change your WordPress theme and see if problem is resolved or not.

  • 5. Most Important : Make sure your memory limit is set to 768M or higher, If you have multiple Gutenberg addons installed.

  • 6. Most Important : Make sure you have removed cache from The Plus Settings -> Performance -> Purge all Cache. Also, Remove cache from all your 3rd party cache plugins. On top of that, Remove your browser cache by hard reload and/or test your site on incognito mode.

Support Includes

  • – Responding to questions or problems regarding the Plugin’s features

  • – Fixing bugs and reported issues

  • – Providing updates to ensure compatibility with latest WordPress, PHP, Gutenberg.

Support Does Not Includes

  • – Plugin customisation (modification or extension of original item’s features, style or functionality)

  • – Requests that require or involve Custom Coding

  • – Support for 3rd party and outdated plugins compatibility

  • – Hosting, optimisation, server environment or other 3rd party issues.

How to submit a ticket?

If your question or issue has not been resolved from above options, then please open a ticket with the following information:

  • – Your live site URL that shows the issue.

  • – Your WordPress login credentials. You may use Temporary login without password plugin In this method, to share your access using just one link with an expiry time. It will ask you for an email address, Which you can put any email address. We just need that URL, Which will let us to login as an administrator.

  • – A specific browser or device involved if applicable – Operating System version( Windows 10, Mavericks etc), the model of the device( iPhone 11, Samsung Note etc.), browser version( Safari 12.1.2, Chrome 85.0) etc. and screen resolution 1920/720 1440/900 etc.

  • – Detailed information describing the issue also steps to regenerate at our end.

  • – Possible screenshots or Screen Recording of the issue. You may use tool like loom for that.

We want to resolve your issues faster and effectively as possible, So Please provide us maximum information to help you properly.

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